Alexandra (Alex) Brody Salazar is a Journalist in the Boston area and a 2014 SUNY New Paltz Journalism graduate. Her work has been published in The Little Rebellion, and Gnome Magazine.

Her passions include, but are not limited to, equestrian sports, science and technology, movements for social and cultural equality, science fiction novels, comic books, video games, and any sort of new media experience imaginable. Mass and consumer media is her greatest interest, especially when it inspires user-driven, appropriative or creative content- often using social media as a platform for new communities.

Justice and strong morals are foremost in Alexandra’s mind, and the relationship between information freedom and media ethics is both a goal and a guide throughout her career and aspirations. To her, media exists to serve the people, never to rule over any person. The connection between media and culture is something that Alexandra takes highly seriously and approaches with a skeptical eye. For Alexandra, critical thinking is the key to success.

With a passion for media analysis, the literature of popular culture, relevant reporting, science and technology education, and seven years of flat english-style ring and trail riding at her disposal, Alexandra strives to bring her very best to content creation, editing, research, and curation.


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